Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have questions about us! And you probably have questions about what it will take to build your dream home, too. We would love to answer any and all questions you might have! If you don’t see your question in the FAQ’s below, please contact us directly!


Q: Do I need a Realtor to build or buy a Goodwin Foust Home?

That is entirely up to you! Goodwin Foust believes that Realtors can provide valuable services during the home building or buying process. We have outstanding relationships with leading real estate agents in the area and will be glad to make recommendations for you.

Q: We do not yet own a lot, but we know we want to build a custom home. Can you help us locate a lot?

The Upstate, SC area is a beautiful place to live. However; locating land to build a home inside the greater Greenville, SC/Lake Keowee, SC area is becoming more and more difficult with their growing popularity. We are familiar with many premier residential communities in the area that we can show you. Or if you are looking for a larger lot, we’d be happy to help with that as well! Our Goodwin Foust team or your Realtor can assist with lot availability and feasibility questions. 

Q: We own our own lot. Can Goodwin Foust Homes build on it?

Yes! Goodwin Foust has tailored our services to take one of our plans or your plan and build on your lot. Additionally, we work with you to make any design changes that will enhance enjoyment of your home. The lot size will be a consideration in determining which design is right for you. We can also work with you to design – from scratch – a custom home to suit your needs and chosen lot.

Q: How do we obtain financing to build our home on our lot?

A custom home built on a lot which you own is financed through a construction loan. We can arrange for you to meet with one of our suggested lenders to begin the process, or you can make arrangements with your own financial representatives. Part of the construction loan package is an agreement by the lender to pay Goodwin Foust on a scheduled basis as work progresses on your home. We will review this agreement prior to starting construction on your home. We will call the lender each time one of the scheduled work completion dates is made. Your lender will send an inspector to the site to verify that the work is complete and will then pay Goodwin Foust for the completed work.

Q: How do we get started with designing the custom home of our dreams?

Goodwin Foust has both an in-house designer/draftsman as well as great working relationships with a number of residential architects in the Upstate area. We will be glad to suggest what process will best meet your needs and desires. We will help you create perfect plans within your budget criteria. Goodwin Foust monitors the development of the custom design to make sure all your criteria are met. If small changes are being made to an existing plan, the cost will be included within the cost of the construction contract. If the design is from scratch, then we use a separate design agreement between Goodwin Foust and you as the client. This design is then yours for your use in contracting the home.

Q: Certain aspects of our future custom home are more important than others. How can we make sure that our needs our met?

At Goodwin Foust, the design development phase can vary anywhere from one to several months. During this time, numerous meetings are held between the architect, interior designer, and project manager at Goodwin Foust. Because your dreams are our priority, we focus on the areas of the home that are most important to you. We are intentional about designing those elements within your plans and budget. For example, if extensive design and quotation work is required to develop your comfort with the kitchen/appliance design, then time and the necessary coordination will be given to this area of your need. Goodwin Foust makes extensive use of pre-selections and quotations to establish your trust and comfort level in the many components which make up your home.

Q: Why do “options” cost so much more than at a home improvement store?

You may well find that certain options, fixtures or materials, are cheaper at one of the home improvement discount stores. Few vendors order enough parts from a manufacturer to receive the pricing break of a national chain. But keep in mind those prices don’t necessarily include all the items necessary for installation of that fixture or component. Additionally, they do not include the builder’s risk, administrative tasks, scheduling, insurance, coordination with other trades, damage done by other trades, delivery of the fixture or material, etc.

Q: Is the traditional cost-per-foot comparison method suitable as a means of pricing my new home?

No, not for firm pricing, but it can be used to achieve a price range. First, care must be taken to insure that the heated or finished square footage has been calculated using the same standards as used by real estate appraisers. Second, depending on the home builder, the type of materials used, subcontractors, as well as the given allowances and lot cost, the cost-per-foot could reflect numbers that look great on paper, but are not realistic. Third, no two home builders construct a home exactly the same. These differences in operation and construction are not always reflected in the cost-per-foot comparison.

Q: Are there different types of contracts which are more suitable than others?

Yes. Certain types of contracts are more suitable than others, depending on who owns the lot or will provide the financing. Also, some contracts provide more flexibility for changes and construction time than others. The type of contract that will be the best match for you as our client depends on your needs.

Q: How and when do I make final selections for the components and finishes which become a part of our home?

Goodwin Foust will develop a schedule for client selection meetings. These meetings coincide with certain stages or milestones of the actual construction schedule for your home. This maximizes your time and effort in evaluating and selecting the best components for your home. and seamlessly integrating them into the construction. We make extensive use of the numerous showrooms and samples provided by vendors who are a part of our team. Our in-house Selections Coordinators/Interior Designers assist with the administration of the selection process, showroom visits, and vendor communication.

Q: What happens if I want to make changes during the course of construction?

One of the purposes for a standard schedule of client selections is to anticipate and provide an opportunity for client review and changes. This minimizes the potential impact of delays as a result of any last-minute changes. Of course, changes can take place anytime, but their cost can be minimized by up front preparation. Depending on your type of contract, Goodwin Foust may require payment before changes are made. At any rate, we will provide and review our change clause in your particular contract before execution.

Q: How can I monitor the progress of construction on our custom home?

Scheduled meetings with you Selections Coordinator/Interior Designer and Construction Manager ensure everyone is on on the same page. These meetings are an effective means to keep you informed throughout the construction process. Whether the meetings take place at our office, a vendor’s showroom, or at your construction site, we recognize the importance of your participation in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Q: How does Goodwin Foust turn over a home to their clients?

About 60 days prior to completing your new home, we will notify you of the planned date of home delivery. Depending on the complexity of your project, your Construction Manager will arrange for a progress meeting where an orientation and demonstration of your home will take place several days before final delivery. We will help you create a Homeowner Walkthrough Inspection List, which we will complete before you move in.

Q: What happens at contract settlement and what are my responsibilities?

We will notify you to contact all utility companies, prior to your occupancy, to have service transferred to your name as of the date of your delivery and settlement. The names and telephone numbers of the appropriate companies will be provided to you. You will also need to contact your lender for any last minute requirements. It will be necessary for you to purchase homeowners insurance on the property with your lender listed as the beneficiary on the policy. Your lender will provide the specific information needed to satisfy this condition.