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Our Process

We strive to make the entire design/build process as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved. Whether you choose to modify an already designed floor plan, or you choose to work with our team to design and build something completely unique, we promise to execute each phase of the process with the utmost excellence. Find out what makes Goodwin Foust a custom home builder that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Initial Contact

If you call, send an email or fill out our contact form, Goodwin Foust partner Barret Foust will reach out to you personally to make the initial introduction and get a general scope/understanding of what you are hoping for in your new home. An additional call or meeting will be scheduled to discuss the details and parameters of your design/build project.

Design Discovery

Meet with Barret Foust and our architectural designer to begin putting your vision for your dream home on paper.

Project Presentation

After the first meeting, Goodwin Foust will present you with a simple Pre-Construction Service Agreement. This agreement will cover the initial pre-construction estimated costs involved with the project such as plan design and development, 3D modeling of your new home, detailed estimating, on-site rough staking of your home and any necessary permits.

On Site Analysis

Barret and partner Bryan Goodwin, along with our Architectural Designer will perform a site evaluation on your lot and/or land and determine all the aspects necessary for the best placement of your new home. Recommendations for site work and the most suitable foundation type will also be made at this time.

Wish List Questionnaire

Our Architectural Designer will send you a questionnaire to capture the essence of your style and designs elements envisioned for your dream home.

Main Level Review

After reading through your wish list items from the questionnaire, our Architectural Designer will create your main level floor plan and send it to you for review. After review, revisions can happen easily over the phone should you be building with us from out of the area. Once your revisions are made and you have settled on the main level plan, our Architectural Designer will present you with the 2nd floor or lower level floor plan design.

Elevation Design

After floor plan revisions are made, your new home comes to life with the official renderings of the front, rear, and side elevations. You will receive a full set of these plans, and Barret will use these to create estimated costs for the entire project.

Finalize Plans

Once everyone agrees on a contract price, our Architectural Designer will finalize plans into construction documents with all the information and details needed to begin construction. Simultaneously, Barret will develop the necessary contract documents and paperwork typically required by lenders so a final contract can be executed. 

Contract Signing

Like an official football signing day, we get the opportunity to have you sign the contracts for your dream home project.

Construction Lenders

If a lender is required for a construction loan, Goodwin Foust will make recommendations based on our long-term relationships with local lenders. Upon pre-approval, Goodwin Foust will provide all necessary documents to the lender so they can order an appraisal for the project and gain approval from the underwriter.

Ground Breaking

At construction loan closing, Goodwin Foust will receive the initial payment, and ground breaking will soon take place at your property.


Once construction has started, Bryan will become your key point of contact and will work closely with one of our selection coordinators and construction managers to procure material and labor according to your plans, specifications, and design selections.

Financial Approval

As allowanced items are selected and quoted, you will approve all quotes and Goodwin Foust will issue purchase orders to secure your chosen items.

Selection Meetings

Selection meetings are typically held at vendor showrooms or at the Goodwin Foust office in order to see the variety of options available to you. From time to time, you may be required to meet on-site to make “field decisions”. The selection coordinator will be there to help you choose the best design elements and features for your new home.

Progress Report

You’ll be updated at the end of every month with the progress of your home, including photos, along with the monthly billings.

Utilities Transfer

As the project nears substantial completion, we will develop a closing date. At this time, you will begin transferring utilities into your name. You are now only a few steps away from move-in day!

Final Details

Allowances will be reconciled, and previously acknowledged change orders will be summarized to determine the final contract amount. We will then account for all previous payments to determine the outstanding balance. Goodwin Foust will provide a final lien waiver, as required by the lender, to ensure that all material and labor associated with the project will be paid in full.

Third Party Inspections

We work with The Buyers Inspection Group to check behind us one last time to make sure everything is right before you take occupancy. Buyers Inspection group is notably the oldest and largest home inspection company in South Carolina. So before we get to welcome you to your new home, your house has undergone 3 levels of inspection: 1st internally by our team, 2nd with the county or city inspectors and 3rd with the Buyers Inspection Group.

Homeowner Orientation

The county will issue a Certificate of Occupancy to you, and Goodwin Foust will host a homeowner orientation meeting at your new home. During this meeting, Bryan and your Construction Manager will walk you through the intricate details of your new home to ensure you fully understand all aspects. We will collectively compile your punch list, and we will review the 30 day and 1 year warranty process.

Welcome Home

Move in and begin building memories in your beautiful new home.

30 Day and 1 Year Warranty

Goodwin Foust will schedule any and all necessary warranty repairs after the first 30 days of living in your new home and again at 1 year to ensure your home is in full working order.